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USS Aircraft Carriers

Aircraft CarrierAircraft carriers played an integral role in World War II and continue to play an important part in today’s military conflicts. In over 80% of the times when the World was faced with international violence, the United States has responded with one or more carrier task forces. Aircraft carriers essentially serve as travelling airbases, built to deploy and receive aircraft. The following is a partial list of aircraft carriers operated by the Unite States Navy at some point in history.

USS Abraham LincolnUSS Franklin D. RooseveltUSS Nimitz
USS AmericanaUSS George WashingtonUSS Oriskany
USS AntietamUSS HancockUSS Princeton
USS BataanUSS Harry S. TrumanUSS Randolph
USS BelleauUSS HornetUSS Ranger
USS BenningtonUSS IndependenceUSS Ronald Reagan
USS Bon HommeUSS IntrepidUSS Saipan
USS BoxerUSS John C. StennisUSS San Jacinto
USS Bunker HillUSS John F. KennedyUSS Saratoga
USS Carl VinsonUSS KearsageUSS Shangri-La
USS ConstellationUSS Kitty HawkUSS Tarawa
USS Coral SeaUSS Lake ChamplainUSS Theodore Roosevelt
USS CowpensUSS LexingtonUSS Ticonderoga
USS Dwight D. EisenhowerUSS LeyteUSS Valley Forge
USS EnterpriseUSS MidwayUSS Wasp
USS EssexUSS MontereyUSS Yorktown
USS Forrestal
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