United States Navy & Mesothelioma


Due to the indestructibility of asbestos, it was widely used in United States Shipyards, helping the US Navy tout some of the most indestructible naval vessels in the world. Asbestos was thought be a miracle material; however, the dangerous health effects were unknown at the time of construction.

Almost every shipyard worker and navy personnel have been exposed to asbestos; however, a variety of risk factors contribute to the possibility of it manifesting into a disease as deadly as Mesothelioma. The risk factors include, amount of exposure, length of exposure, genetics, smoking history, secondary exposure, and type of job. For example, workers and machinists that worked in the confined spaces of the boiler rooms and engine rooms where asbestos was widely used are usually at higher risk for contracting an asbestos related disease. However, secondary exposure due to loose fibers on workers clothing and hair has been proven to be just as dangerous and is often responsible for the contamination of family members.

US Navy Ships

The Asbestos Legal Center is dedicated to providing extensive information about asbestos and asbestos exposure. Because a large majority of asbestos exposure occurred on naval ships and in naval shipyards we are providing you with a comprehensive list of US Naval Ships.

  • Cargo Ships
  • Cruisers
  • Destroyers
  • Dock Landing
  • Escort Ships
  • Fast Combat
  • Frigates
  • Hospital Ships
  • Military Sealift
  • Patrol & Repair Ship
  • Submarines
  • Tankers & Oilers
  • Tenders & Tugs
  • Transport